Rebuilding A High-Performance Muscle Car? Put Safety First With These Modern Upgrades

Rebuilding a classic muscle car is a dream come true for many classic car lovers. For some, the most important aspect will be the process, usually because it can be done with a beloved friend, parent, grandparent or child. For others, the finished project is awaited with baited breath and a burning urge to get behind the wheel and go for a cruise down the highway.

While the classic cars were built well when they first rolled off the assembly lines, the cars of today are safer due to improved designs and materials. If you would like enjoy the looks and performance of your favorite classic muscle car along with modern additional safety, consider adding these upgrades during the rebuilding process.

Replace "Powerful Steering" with Modern Power Steering Technology

Muscle cars are typically heavier and larger than many of the modern production cars of today. In addition, their high performance tires, wheels, and suspensions, along with large powerful engines can make them more difficult to drive than modern vehicles that roll off the assembly line with factory-installed power steering.

If you would like to enjoy a smoother, more effortless steering experience on your dream muscle car, you may want to add rack-and-pinion power steering during the rebuild process. The cost to make this upgrade will depend upon whether or not the car you are rebuilding was originally equipped with early power steering options. However, through fabrication, it is still possible to add this upgrade to cars that were originally manufactured before any form of power steering was available as an option.

Replace Drum Brakes with Safer Disc Braking Systems

Another upgrade to consider when rebuilding a classic car is to replace the outdated drum braking system with modern disc brakes to make stopping the high-performance car easier, faster and safer. As an added bonus, adding disc brakes to your muscle car will also make it easier to find replacement parts when the time comes to have the brakes serviced. This is because disc brakes are now the most popular type of brake system, making parts easier to obtain than less popular drum-style brakes.

While this type of upgrade can be done using a kit, it is important to make sure that the brake hoses are custom designed to fit the car without danger of becoming pinched or crushed. If your muscle car will be outfitted with a lift kit or larger tires, standard brake hoses may be too short to fit properly. Before beginning this type of upgrade, always discuss your plans with a trusted brake technician in your area, such as those at Brake & Equipment Warehouse. They will be able to help you determine custom brake hose lengths and alert you to any potential issues you may encounter during the upgrade process.

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