Investing In Bolt-On Performance Parts

If you are looking to upgrade your car's performance without making permanent modifications, investing in some bolt-on aftermarket parts could be a good solution.

Here are three types of removable aftermarket parts that will give you the most bang for your buck.

1. If you want to improve your vehicle's handling ability on wet roads, invest in wider tires.

Driving in bad weather conditions can make it difficult to maintain control of your car. Fortunately, aftermarket parts like wider tires can improve a vehicle's handling ability on wet roads. If you don't want to worry about being able to brake when the weather gets wet, you should invest in wider tires.

Brake tests that involved a hard stop from 100 km/h showed a 5.2 meter stopping distance improvement. Wider tires give you the ability to drive aggressively on wet roads without worrying about your ability to bring your car to a complete stop.

If you decide that you no longer want to sacrifice comfort and fuel economy for increased braking performance, you can simply remove the wider tires.

2. Upgrade to a coilover suspension system.

Altering your vehicle's suspension system is one of the easiest ways to improve your car's handling at high speeds. Coilover suspension systems offer enhanced performance through a single unit shock absorber wrapped with a spring. The tension of the spring can be adjusted to accommodate different road conditions, giving you an increased level of control over your vehicle's ride.

The adjustability of a coilover system can also improve your car's cornering ability, making it easy to maintain control while driving on winding roadways. If you decide you don't want to rely on a coilover suspension system in the future, you can just replace the coilover shock absorbers with traditional parts instead.

3. Install high-temperature brake pads.

When it comes to performance, braking plays a critical role in maintaining control of your vehicle. If you are looking for less heat fade and quicker recovery time after braking, then making the switch to a high-temperature brake pad could be the answer.

Brake pads made from ceramic materials are designed to withstand the high temperatures associated with aggressive braking, and they will not produce excess dust that could warp your rotors. Removing high-temperature performance brake pads is simple, making them a great performance-enhancing option for drivers who don't want to commit to a permanent change.

Learning how bolt-on aftermarket parts can improve your car's performance will help you take advantage of these products in the future.

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