3 Warning Signs That Your Transmission Is Failing

The transmission plays a vital role in your car. Many people do not understand just how important the transmission is, and fail to learn how to keep it healthy. This is why every driver should know the warning signs of a failing transmission so that they can get it serviced and keep themselves and everyone else in the car safe. Here are some warning signs that the transmission is failing.

1. The Gears Are Slow and Unresponsive

The transmission is primarily responsible for the gears of the car. This means if the transmission is having problems you would expect the first signs to show in how you change gears. One of the first signs is that when you shift back and forth there will be a delay. For example, if you shift from park to reverse, it will take a second or two for the car to actually get put in reverse. You may even have to try shifting again because the first time may not have taken.

If you can't tell if the gears are shifting slowly, try putting the car in neutral and go back and forth between reverse, neutral, and drive. See if the car shifts quickly, or if it takes a while before it is put into the correct gear.

2. The Gears Grind When You Shift

Another sign that your transmission may be going out is that when you shift, the gears grind and make noises. Essentially it should be silent when you shift from gear to gear. If at any time you can hear the car working hard to get into the next gear you may have a problem. You should periodically check this by turning off the radio and all sound in the car and shift the gears back and forth.

3. There Is Pink Fluid Leaking From The Car

Having the proper amount of fluid in the car is very important. As a general rule, the car shouldn't leak at all. It should be dry when you drive it and when it is parked. If there is a problem with the transmission you may start to notice pink fluid leaking from the bottom. Until you can get it serviced you should be replacing the fluid often. You will damage the transmission if it runs on low fluid. Thus, keep it topped off and check the levels often.

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