3 Tips For Saving Money On Auto Repairs

Having a vehicle in good working order is essential for most people, but few things are worse than learning that you need an expensive auto repair. Unfortunately, parts wear down and fail with use, so it is important to have a plan if you want to be able to get your car repaired and not end up with a huge bill that breaks your budget. Use the following tips to save money on auto repairs:

Don't Ignore Routine Maintenance

Most people know that a car's oil has to be changed on a regular basis, but many vehicle owners fail to follow the manufacturer service schedule, which can lead to expensive car repair bills. Don't forget about things like having your transmission serviced to extend its lifespan, changing the brake pads when needed to prevent warped rotors, and having the timing belt changed so it doesn't break and cause irreversible damage to your engine. You can find your vehicle's manufacturer service schedule in your car's owner's manual.

Find a Local Mechanic Who You Trust

It makes sense to take your car to the service center at the dealership when it is new and under warranty, but once the warranty expires it is in your best interest to find a trustworthy mechanic or auto repair shop to take your car to if you want to save money. Labor charges at a dealer auto service center tend to be much higher than local repair shops, so depending on how time consuming the repair is, you could end up paying a lot more if you head to the dealer. You may also want to consider searching for a mobile mechanic in your area-- mobile mechanics come to your home to make auto repairs, and since their overhead costs are very low, their rates can be a great deal.

Choose Aftermarket Car Parts

When you buy a brand new car, all of its parts are original equipment manufacturer (OEM), meaning that they were produced by the manufacturer of the car. When it comes to replacement parts, you can choose to buy OEM or aftermarket parts made by different auto companies. There are many benefits to aftermarket parts-- they are brand new, cost a lot less than OEM replacement parts, and typically include some type of warranty. Aftermarket parts are designed to function just like OEM parts, so you can rest assured that your car should run as good as new after a repair is made with an aftermarket part. 

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